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Help Me Love is the first short fiction film that I wrote and directed. I made it with the help of many friends that were part of the collective I was working with at the time. Thanks to this film the following year I was accepted to the master's directing program at FAMU in Prague.

A conflictual relationship between an old mother with difficult character, Elga, and her 50-year-old drug addicted son, Tony, finds its glue in Mamy, a ‘caretaker-by-chance’ from Ivory Coast, until the inevitable end of this ménage à trois.

Through a family that is falling apart, this film that is claustrophobic on purpose, is trying to show how grotesque human behaviour can be, when we nurture only the darkest parts of our being.

year: 2017
running time: 8 min
format: digital, color
production: Humareels
producers: Emma Pollini, Paula Mangano
director: Paula Mangano
screenwriters: Paula Mangano, Roberto Romagnoli
director of photography: Simone Gambelli
editor: Mattia Biancucci

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