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Salt Water is my graduation film from FAMU realised as a coproduction between Croatia and the Czech Republic. It is my most personal film to date and as a psychological thriller, set in a Mediterranean context, it crosses the line between realism and surrealism to enhance the main subject of the film - faith and the loss of innocence.

When Alberto is left alone on a deserted island following a discussion with his fiancee, strange things start happening. He meets a girl that he spends the day with, but very soon things get out of control and what seemed like a nice summer trip turns into a tragic event that will mark him forever.

year: 2021
running time: 23 min
format: digital, color
production: Studio FAMU, David Dešković
director: Paula Mangano
screenwriters: Paula Mangano, Nina Mitrović
director of photography: Vojta Dvořák
editor: Rolando Garduño

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