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Spring is a short film that was made as part of an exercise in the FAMU master's directing program. It was the first time I directed a screenplay that I hadn't written myself, as well as the first time I shot on 16mm film.

The young Elsa is caught by surprise when she comes home with her two small children, to find their flat completely empty. Her husband, the father of her children, had taken everything away from them.

This character-driven film is a journey with a young woman who finds the strength to confront her trauma and start opening up to someone again. It is a film about new possibilities, hope, and the regaining of trust.

year: 2019
running time: 14 min
format: 16mm, color
production: Studio FAMU
producer: David Dešković
director: Paula Mangano
screenwriter: Kateřina Kaclíková
director of photography: Raashi Métkari
editor: Rolando Garduño

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