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Villa Adelante is the first film that I directed, shot and edited myself. It is a completely self produced and independent short documentary made shortly before the immigration crisis of 2016, in a moment of frequent fights between activists and the police in Bologna, the city where I was living. My aim was to go beyond the political fight and see how the real people affected by this crisis were living - how the other half lives.

Eight months in thirteen minutes. The story of a group of 25 people, from a 3 month old baby to a retired 68-year-old, who were forced to find an illegal solution to their housing problem. Immigrants and native Italians mix in this short reportage that mainly tries to capture the relationships between them, their needs and their emotions.

year: 2015
running time: 13 min
format: digital, color
director, producer, editor: Paula Mangano
camera operators: Filippo Braga, Paula Mangano

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